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Gondola in foggy Venice canal

Past Participant Experiences

There are a number of ways to get a glimpse into other students' education abroad experiences as you are preparing for or exploring your program options. 

Connect with Past Participants 

Chat with CU's Boulder students (known as Global Buffs) or other program participants who have studied abroad on your program or in your program's host city/country. For a list of Global Buffs who studied on your program and have volunteered their contact information so that they can share their experiences, contact Education Abroad. Additionally, you can also reach out to your program and/or host university and they can connect you an even larger network of program alumni. 

Blogs and Vlogs

Interested in reading blog posts or viewing a vlog from students that are current participants your program? Blogs and vlogs offer the option of sharing real-time experiences of students during their program:

CU Student’s Experience

Interested in reading blog posts or viewing a vlog from CU-specific students that have participated in your program?

By location:
Paris France: South Korea: Seville, Spain: Thailand:  
Program Provider-specific:
CU students on IES programs: Study Abroad Blogs | IES Abroad

Social Media

Wondering what life on your program or in your host city would look like? Follow your program or host university on Instagram, Tik Tok, or Facebook. You'll be able to see what types of excursions students participate on, participate in student take-overs, and more. If you can't find your program on social media, reach out to your Ed Abroad Program Manager to get connected. 

While you're connecting with your program on social, don't forget to connect with Education Abroad on Instagram (@CUBoulderEducationAbroad), and tag us while you're abroad #CUBoulderAbroad. 
Last Updated September 2022
"Gondola" photo by Elisa Elvove