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Education Abroad offers in-person and virtual advising! Join us now for drop-in in-person advising Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM in the C4C S355 (one floor above the dining hall).  

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If you're interested in a future term abroad, chat to a Global Advisor during a drop-in advising session or by making a Global Advising Appointment via zoom using the link below. Invite your friends to join - group advising is also possible!

Drop by Ed Abroad for In-Person Advising
Mon - Fri 9:00 - 4:30 in C4C S355*


Schedule a Global Advising Zoom Appointment

If you have questions about a specific region or program, schedule a regional advising appointment below with a Program Manager.

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For quick questions or to start an application, use live chat. (Only monitored during business hours, Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 4:30 pm.)

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+1-303-492-7741 - we will route your call to the appropriate staff member. 

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Staff List

Europe and the Middle East: Advising and Program Management
  • Hannah Farrar | Schedule an Advising Appointment with Hannah
    • Denmark, Sweden, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan & Israel
    • SIT Europe
    • Exchanges: Sweden
    • ICCS Rome
    • Morocco, Jordan, Israel, & Egypt
    • Global Seminars: Icelandic Witchcraft & Magic; Sex, Religion & Politics in a Modern Viking World (Norway); Urban Site Analysis & Design (Rome, Italy); The Medellin Practicum/Studio (Colombia)
  • Julie | Schedule an Advising Appointment with Julie
    • Italy (CEA CAPA, CIEE, IES, Arcadia, Syracuse, & Bocconi Exchange)
    • Czech Republic
    • Netherlands
    • IES Austria
    • IES Music programs
    • Global Seminars: International Strategic Communication (Paris, France); Revolutions in Paris (France); The Ethnography & Design of Making Data Strange (London, England), Consumer Insights (London, England)
  • Stephanie Pund | | Schedule an Advising Appointment with Stephanie
    • ISA Italy
    • UK & Ireland
    • Exchanges: UK & Ireland
    • Global Semester: ESCEND Engineering Management/Entrepreneurship Minor (Lisbon, Portugal)
    • Global Seminars: Cinema & the City (Paris, France); Cinema & the City (Rome, Italy); Filmmaking Abroad: Acting & Directing (Edinburgh, Scotland); Literary London: Shakespeare On-Site (England); Writing in Ireland (Dublin, Ireland); French Connections (Bordeaux, France); Music, Arts & Culture 1880-1920 (Vienna, Austria)
Spain and the Americas: Advising and Program Management
  • Kayla Armstrong-Weier | | Schedule an Advising Appointment with Kayla
    • CIEE Open Campus Multi-site
    • CIEE Multi-Program Summer
    • College Year in Athens
    • CU in D.C.
    • Semester at Sea
    • Global Internships: Amsterdam, Florence, Milan, New Zealand, Paris, Seoul,
    • IES Internships: Berlin, London, Milan, Paris, Rome, Sydney, Vienna
    • Global Seminars: CU in D.C. - Science Policy; Urban Geography, Society, & Culture (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • Scott Funk | Schedule an Advising Appointment with Scott
    • All of Spain
    • Portugal
    • Exchanges: Spain
    • Internships: Argentina, Barcelona, Cape Town, Dublin, Sydney, & China (suspended)
    • Global Seminars: Conservation Biology & Practice in Brazil's Atlantic Forest; Lisbon as a Global City: Cosmopolitanism, Diversity & Innovation (Lisbon, Portugal); The Athlete as a National Symbol (Greece); Sustainability & Social Entrepreneurship (Bali, Indonesia)
Africa, Asia, and Oceania: Advising and Program Management
  • Michal Greenberg | | Schedule an Advising Appointment with Michal 
    • All Japan except summer internship programs
    • All Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Exchanges: Indonesia and Japan
    • Global Seminars: Cultural Transformations in Indonesia; Exploring Ancient Mexican Peoples & Ruins (Oaxaca, Mexico); Primates of Vietnam; Conservation & Indigenous Peoples in Tanzania; Tourism & Belonging in Costa Rica
  • Megan Henning | | Schedule an Advising Appointment with Megan
    • TEAN, CIEE, and CAPA Australia & New Zealand
    • SIT Australia & Samoa
    • Exchanges: Australia & New Zealand
    • Global Seminars: Cultures of Activism (Dakar, Senegal); Underground Paris (France); Dante in Florence (Italy); Culture Wars in Rome (Italy); Voices of Vienna (Austria)
  • Kelsey Mark | | Schedule an Advising Appointment with Kelsey
    • SIT Asia
    • SFS Asia
    • CIEE South Korea, Singapore, and China
    • IES China
    • TEAN Thailand
    • Exchanges: China, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan
    • Global Seminars: Global Seminar: International Supply Chain Management (Singapore); Entrepreneurship & Empowerment (Cape Town, South Africa); Doing Business in Europe (Aix-en-Provence, France); New Venture Creation & Internship (Aix-en-Provence, France)
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