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Cancel/Interrupt for Any Reason Insurance

CFAR/IFAR insurance may be purchased independently after you have been accepted into an Education Abroad program. CFAR/IFAR insurance can help safeguard an investment in an education abroad experience in the event the program is suspended, or you unexpectedly need to withdraw – either before departing or while abroad. This is not a health insurance plan; you are automatically enrolled in a mandatory international health insurance plan as a part of your program fee.

Cancel/Interrupt for Any Reason (CFAR/IFAR) insurance will cover a percentage of program fees, housing abroad, and flights if your program is canceled or you withdraw from the program for any reason if these fees are not refunded by other parties. CFAR/IFAR insurance will not cover any program fees, housing abroad, or flights refunded through your program or airline as a result of a trip interruption or cancellation. CFAR/IFAR insurance will not cover visa application fees, pre-departure vaccines/other medical exams required by your program.

Before purchasing CFAR/IFAR insurance, make sure you know the following:
  • What is and is not covered by CFAR/IFAR insurance
  • Your airline’s flight cancellation refund policy
  • Your program’s cancellation and refund policies, which are outlined on your program cost page
  • The terms of your housing contract, the cost of housing, and when deposits and expenses are owed on your housing while abroad
Last Updated August 2022