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Terms and Agreements

All CU Boulder Education Abroad Program participants are required to sign the following statement as an indication that the conditions and limitations stated in this document are understood and accepted.

Emergency Medical Authorization
On occasion, emergencies may arise that require medical care, hospitalization, or surgery for a participant. So that such treatment can be administered without delay, we ask that each participant sign the following statement authorizing the University of Colorado Boulder's resident director or appointed official abroad to secure, at the expense of the participant, any treatment deemed necessary.

In the event of injury or illness, if I am unable to do so myself, I hereby authorize the resident director or other appointed official of the University of Colorado Boulder, at my expense, to secure any necessary treatment, including administration of anesthetic and surgery, and such medication as may be prescribed. It is further agreed that, if my condition so requires, I may be returned to the United States, at my expense.

Personal Conduct Agreement
Students enrolled in a CU Boulder Education Abroad Program are viewed as representatives of the United States as well as the University of Colorado and as such, must comply with standards of acceptable behavior and conduct in their host country, as discussed at pre-departure and on-site orientations and in written pre-departure materials.

Every student enrolled in a CU Boulder Education Abroad Program must abide by various rules, policies and laws while abroad. This applies during official program activities (such as courses or excursions) and also during free time. If students violate any of the following, they will be subject to disciplinary action from CU Boulder, the host university, the education abroad program, and/or the host country.

By signing this agreement I hereby state that I understand the policies governing my participation in a CU Boulder Education Abroad Program and that failure to abide by the conditions or spirit of this agreement may result in dismissal from the program and/or other penalties.

In conducting Education Abroad Programs, the University of Colorado Boulder makes every effort to protect the welfare and safety of the participants. However, recognizing that participation in the program is voluntary and that there are certain inherent risks which the participant must assume, the participant understands that neither the University, nor any cooperating institution, assumes any responsibility for damage to or loss of property, personal illness or injury, or death while a participant is on the program. While the University will endeavor to provide limited health care insurance, it does not assume any responsibility, beyond the coverage provided, for any health care expenses, and participants are strongly urged to obtain such additional medical/hospital coverage as they deem appropriate.

I hereby release the University of Colorado Boulder or any cooperating institution and their officers and agents from any and all claims and causes of action for damage to or loss of property, medical or hospital care, personal illness or injury, or death arising out of any travel or activity conducted by or under the control of the University of Colorado Boulder or cooperating institutions.


Please provide the following information once you have printed the form:

Education Abroad Program : ___________________________________________
(city, country, & host university)
Term abroad : ____________
(e.g., fall 2019)