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Program Information:


  • Be part of a consulting team for entrepreneurs in a township near Cape Town

  • Study alongside South African students

  • Understand the critical role that entrepreneurship plays in the economic development of a nation

  • Enjoy field trips and excursions to Cape of Good Hope and Robben Island

  • Experience South Africa's "first world" economy with well-developed infrastructure and technology; and "third world" economy with undereducated workers and high levels of poverty

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Missed the interest meeting? View the presentation here!



University of Western Cape is located in Bellville, a suburb of Cape Town in the Western Cape of South Africa. It is an industrial area of town between Cape Town and the townships where students will work with small business owners. University of Western Cape is a historically black institution of higher education and has 14,000 students.



You will be housed in one of the student dormitories at University of Western Cape. Meals are not provided by the dorm, but there are cooking facilities where you may fix meals on your own.


You will be responsible for making your own travel arrangements to Cape Town, South Africa and back. Transportation will be provided from the Cape Town airport and for all included excursions. Vans will transport students to their clients in the townships daily. You will not be using public transport.


  • Course: INBU 4925
  • Credits: 6 upper-division credit hours
  • Approved for: This course fulfills the Global Experience requirement for the Global Business Certificate. This course counts towards business electives. This course counts as internship credit for both the Entrepreneurship Certificate as well as the Cross Campus Entrepreneurship Certificate.
  • Grading: This is a CU Boulder course, so you will receive letter grades
  • See course description

Student group in South Africa

The courses will be taught on the University of Western Cape campus by three faculty directors from  University of Florida and the University of Colorado. Students from three US institutions and Western Cape will participate. US students are paired with South African students from University of Western Cape to form consulting teams that work with two emerging enterprises. The teams are responsible for understanding the needs of the entrepreneur and providing tangible deliverables that can be implemented.

Entrepreneurship is the key to the South African dream. It is a gateway to opportunities for those traditionally excluded from the economic and political mainstream. There is a need for entrepreneurs with creative business concepts and the courage to turn these concepts into sustainable enterprises---enterprises that can create jobs while also providing society with needed products and services. However, most small businesses fail to achieve meaningful growth, are marginally profitable, and operate as "hand-to-mouth" types of ventures.

EESA participants will develop an understanding of the challenges and barriers to success encountered by firms that are generally: undercapitalized; lack market leverage; do not have deep knowledge of business "specialty" support functions such as accounting, law, finance, marketing or advertising; have no powerful friends in high places; and lack economies of scale or scope. The program focuses on applying a model of how the small enterprise can meet these challenges in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage and long-term value.

There are no examinations in the EESA program. You will be developing a portfolio of solutions to problems. The focus is on implementing and doing, not simply analyzing. You will be evaluated based on the impact of 4 deliverables per client, not on the quality of the recommendations or proposals of what the client should do. The deliverables should cover at least 3 functional areas of the clients' business such as Marketing, Accounting, or Operations. Each consulting team will be expected to complete assignments related to different aspects of the consulting experience for discussion and implementation.


The courses will be jointly taught by CU-Boulder faculty member Dr. Erick Mueller and University of Florida faculty member Dr. Mike Morris.

Staff at the University of Western Cape will provide additional support and the EESA team will make all in country arrangements, including transportation to and from the airport, housing, and transportation to the townships and other excursions. They are available for counseling on any concerns you may have during the program.

See Dr. Mueller's Faculty Spotlight.


The program includes field trips to Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, Robben Island and Stellenbosch.




Leeds 100% Global

Program Reviews:
Summer 2015 Participant
The course is challenging and will definitely test you on your abilities to work with a diverse team but in the end is very rewarding and worth all the long nights. The location of the university is placed a good distance away from the city and the beaches but in the end is a good thing as we wouldn't of been able to produce the work we did if we had all those distractions so close. The locals are all amazing and the UWC students you work with can pose as a challenge at times as they are not always engaged in this as much as you but you can learn so much from them if you let them in. The excursions apart of the program are absolutely amazing! You get to see a lot of Cape Town in the limited time of six weeks.

Summer 2016 Participant
Being in a third world country and being immersed in the townships has changed my whole outlook on life something I cannot even put words to, to describe to anyone.

Summer 2013 Participant
academics were superb, housing was ok, there was a lack of meal options which was a problem, some nights no dinner was available at all. the interaction with locals was great, the excursions were awesome, some of the African students were not on the same academic level making it challenging to work with them.

Summer 2015 Participant
This is an extremely challenging program. Coursework is difficult and faculty expects nothing short of your very best. This said, this program has also been one of the most rewarding experiences. You really can make a difference in the world...and that is AMAZING! South Africa is so unique...its history is stunning, its people are so community oriented, and its natural beauty is incredible. All excursions are delightful, but remember, the majority of your time will be spent working hard to serve the client.

Summer 2014 Participant
My courses: The professors involved in the course make a huge difference. Dr. Morris redefined business for me in a holistic and hands on approach that I have never received in my education. Come prepared for in depth study of business for the first two weeks of the EESA program. It was taught maybe a little too quickly but most of the information students should already know. The courses are mainly there to tie everything together-- marketing, mgmt, finance, accounting, operations.Location: Cape Town, South Africa is a magical place. During the time of the program it is a South African winter so pack for colder weather. There are beautiful mountains, lots of diversity, nice malls, and rough neighborhoods. It is a very artistic city, though during this program we didn't get the chance to go off campus and freely explore as much.Interactions with locals: Especially in this program, you get to interact with locals a lot. Locals are at the heart of what made my experience rewarding and life changing. South African people are so light hearted and humble.Excursions: You don't get to do this much, but in the beginning many weekends have provided/paid for excursions.Internships/Volunteering: This is the essence of the program-- this is the life changing part of the EESA program where you get to put your learning and business/consulting skills to the test.

Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline App Review Begins Start Date End Date
Summer 2017 13-MAR-2017
Variable 09-JUN-2017 22-JUL-2017
Summer 2018 01-FEB-2018 ** Variable 08-JUN-2018 21-JUL-2018
NOTE: Dates on this page are for information only; final dates will be confirmed with participants after acceptance to the program. Do not purchase airfare until instructed to do so by your Program Manager. The Start Date indicates the day participants arrive at the program location; the End Date indicates the day participants depart from the program location.
Summer 2019 01-FEB-2019 ** Variable TBA TBA

** Most programs’ applications are reviewed on a rolling basis (starting August 1st for Spring programs and January 15th for Summer and Fall programs). NOTE: Some programs start the admissions process earlier and fill before the deadline, and some programs’ applications aren’t reviewed until after the deadline. Check with Education Abroad staff for details.

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