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EAE Technical University of Darmstadt Intro. to German Engineering (TUD) (Darmstadt, Germany) (summer) Darmstadt Germany Europe
Global Seminar: Accounting in a Global Economy (London and Amsterdam) Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
London England Europe
Global Seminar: Barcelona Literature & Culture (Barcelona, Spain) Barcelona Spain Europe
Global Seminar: Composing Irish Odysseys (Dublin, Ireland) Dublin Ireland Europe
Global Seminar: Conservation and Indigenous Peoples in Tanzania (Arusha, Tanzania) Arusha Tanzania Africa
Global Seminar: Conservation Biology & Practice in Brazil's Atlantic Forest (Nazare Paulista) Nazare Paulista Brazil Americas
Global Seminar: Culture Wars in Rome (Rome, Italy) Rome Italy Europe
Global Seminar: Culture, History, & Literature (Rosario, Argentina) Rosario Argentina Americas
Global Seminar: Democracy & Development in Bolivia (Coroico, Bolivia) Coroico Bolivia Americas
La Paz Bolivia Americas
Global Seminar: Discovering Urban China (Beijing, Shanghai & Hangzhou, China) Beijing China Asia
Hangzhou China Asia
Shanghai China Asia
Global Seminar: Doing Business in China (Beijing & Shanghai, China) Beijing China Asia
Shanghai China Asia
Global Seminar: Ecology & Evolution in the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) Galápagos Islands Ecuador Americas
Global Seminar: Entrepreneurship & Empowerment (Cape Town, South Africa) Cape Town South Africa Africa
Global Seminar: Evolution of Building Construction - Historic Crossroads (Valencia, Spain) Valencia Spain Europe
Global Seminar: Exploring China through English Teaching (Chengdu, China) Chengdu China Asia
Global Seminar: Exploring Culture & Media in Southeast Asia (Bali & Siberut, Indonesia) Bali Indonesia Asia
Siberut Indonesia Asia
Global Seminar: Film and the French Aesthetic (Paris, France) Paris France Europe
Global Seminar: Film and the Italian Aesthetic (Rome, Italy) Rome Italy Europe
Global Seminar: French Connections (Bordeaux, France) Bordeaux France Europe
Global Seminar: Gender, Race & Tourism in Contemporary Cuba (Havana, Cuba) Havana Cuba Americas
Global Seminar: Human Geography of the Czech Republic (Prague, Czech Republic) Prague Czech Republic Europe
Global Seminar: International Operations (Hong Kong, China) Hong Kong China Asia
Global Seminar: Jews & Muslims: The Multi-Ethnic History of Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey) - TRAVEL SUSPENSION Istanbul Turkey Middle East
Global Seminar: Justice, Human Rights, and Democracy in Israel (Jerusalem, Israel) Jerusalem Israel Middle East
Global Seminar: Leading & Managing Across Cultures in Northern Europe (Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands) Brussels Belgium Europe
Cologne Germany Europe
Luxembourg City Luxembourg Europe
Maastricht Netherlands Europe
Global Seminar: Literary London: Shakespeare On-Site (London, England) London England Europe
Global Seminar: Literary London: Virginia Woolf On-Site (London, England) London England Europe
Global Seminar: London Finance Seminar (London, England) London England Europe
Global Seminar: Operations Management (Valencia, Spain) Valencia Spain Europe
Global Seminar: Russian Language & Culture (St. Petersburg, Russia) St. Petersburg Russia Europe
Global Seminar: Self-Awareness & Images of the Other (Xi'an, China) Xi'an China Asia
Global Seminar: Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Cocle, Panama) Cocle Panama Americas
Global Seminar: Socio-Environmental Dynamics in Brazil (multiple cities) Maranhão (São Luís, Alcântara, Barreirinhas) Brazil Americas
Global Seminar: Sustainable Potable Water Supply Systems (Santiago, Chile) Santiago Chile Americas
Global Seminar: Urban Site Analysis and Design (Rome, Italy) Rome Italy Europe
Global Seminar: Visualizing Dante's Inferno (Florence, Italy) Florence Italy Europe
GPA Access Abroad Aix-en-Provence France Europe
Akita Japan Asia
Alicante Spain Europe
Amman Jordan Middle East
Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
Barcelona Spain Europe
Beijing China Asia
Berlin Germany Europe
Brighton England Europe
Brisbane Australia Oceania
Buenos Aires Argentina Americas
Christchurch New Zealand Oceania
Dakar Senegal Africa
Ferrara Italy Europe
Florence Italy Europe
Florianopolis Brazil Americas
Gaborone Botswana Africa
Granada Spain Europe
Guanajuato Mexico Americas
Havana Cuba Americas
Khon Kaen Thailand Asia
Kralendijk Bonaire Americas
Legon Ghana Africa
Lima Peru Americas
Lisbon Portugal Europe
London England Europe
Madrid Spain Europe
Monteverde Costa Rica Americas
Nanjing China Asia
Palma de Mallorca Spain Europe
Paris France Europe
Perugia Italy Europe
Prague Czech Republic Europe
Rabat Morocco Africa
Regensburg Germany Europe
Rennes France Europe
Rome Italy Europe
Salamanca Spain Europe
Salvador da Bahia Brazil Americas
San Jose Costa Rica Americas
Santiago Chile Americas
Santiago Dominican Republic Americas
Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Americas
Seville Spain Europe
Shanghai China Asia
St. Petersburg Russia Europe
Strasbourg France Europe
Sydney Australia Oceania
Uppsala Sweden Europe
Valparaiso Chile Americas
Wellington New Zealand Oceania
University of Kansas: Marketing in the Global Environment (Goa & Delhi, India) Goa & Delhi India Asia