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Announcements : 6 things to know about education abroad at CU Boulder

Announcement: 6 things to know about education abroad at CU Boulder

Getting started? Here are some of the essentials to know as you're looking to go abroad.

6 things to know about education abroad at CU Boulder

  1. WHO: ALL majors can study abroad and earn the credit you need to stay on track for graduation. Study abroad is for everyone - including engineering, architecture, and business students. Talk to your academic advisor about how you can build a study abroad experience into your degree.

  2. WHAT: Education Abroad offers international study, internship, research, faculty-led, and service-learning programs. Whether you’re looking to study with local students in a local university, get hands-on experience in the community, or spend the summer traveling with & learning from a CU Boulder professor, we promise you an unforgettable experience. Programs exist for all budgets, and financial aid applies!

  3. WHERE: With hundreds of programs in 65 countries we’re proud to say that the world can be your classroom! Live in the heart of bustling cities like London and Tokyo, or explore off-the-beaten track locations like Peru and Botswana. With program locations and options as diverse as your interests and goals we’re sure there’s a program that’s right for you.

  4. WHEN: You can go abroad for a semester, full year, summer, or even over winter break! There’s no limit to the number of times that you can go abroad, so if you’re debating between Spain and Australia, don’t worry - it can be both.

  5. WHY: Immerse yourself in another culture. Complete an internship to get practical, résumé-building experience. Explore your academic interests from a new, international perspective. Build connections and make friends from around the world. Learn or improve upon a second (or third) language. Have one of the most memorable experiences of your college career.

  6. HOW: Want to learn more? Get started by checking out your program options and then connect with an Education Abroad advisor: live chat (, email (, or phone (303-492-7741).