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A&S Core & MAPS

Credit for A&S Core and MAPS

When courses are evaluated for A&S Core, they are considered for all core areas. If a course has been approved for one core area, it is not eligible for another area. For more information, read the Essential Guide.

If you would like to receive A&S Core and/or MAPS credit, do the following:

  1. View your degree audit to determine which A&S Core or MAPS areas you need to complete.

  2. If you would like to receive A&S core credit, search for courses on the Education Abroad course search page. Note: Semester at Sea A&S core course lists are maintained separately. As course information can change, it is important to verify that:

    1. You are looking at the correct program on the list. If you are seeking information about a summer program be sure that you are looking at the summer program and not the semester version – look for (summer) in the title.

    2. The course(s) will be offered when you are abroad as course offerings can change each term. Your program's webpage includes a link to course descriptions.

    3. The course number and course title match exactly what is listed in the A&S core pre-reviewed courses list.

    4. The course is at least 2.7 credits. Courses less than 2.7 credits will not fulfill core or MAPS, even if the content was approved to fulfill a core/MAPS area. See your program's webpage for CU credit hour conversions.

    5. Natural Science: verify the department that the course is being assigned to, keeping in mind that you may not fulfill both the Natural Science sequence and the Natural Science non-sequence requirements within the same department, unless the non-sequence is upper-division.
  3. To find pre-approved MAPS foreign language courses, check the list of Major/minor pre-reviewed courses.

  1. Complete the A&S Core/MAPS Course Evaluation Form and follow the instructions and prompts to complete the form and provide required course documents.

    1. For MAPS evaluations you must supply a syllabus.

  2. Evaluations are limited to three courses per area that you would like to fulfill.

  3. When a course description/syllabus is not in English you must provide an English translation. Do not use an online translation service for this; translate it yourself, to the best of your ability.

  4. Study Abroad will email you when the results of the evaluation are received. Evaluations can take up to 8 weeks, so plan ahead!