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Graduate Students

Study Abroad Opportunities for Graduate Students

A few programs approved by the University of Colorado Boulder offer graduate credit. However, earning graduate credit on study abroad programs is the exception rather than the rule.  Some programs are exchanges where you pay tuition and fees here and trade places with a student from your host institution abroad. Other programs are one-way study abroad programs (where no one comes here in your place). You can see a list of programs offering graduate-level credit here:

Occasionally, graduate students will choose to attend a study abroad program and earn undergraduate credit. This is most common when a graduate degree requires reaching a certain language level, but also possible if the subject matter pertains to your interests and/or research areas. Speak with your department and the Graduate School about how this may fit into your plans.

Students interested in exploring programs that are not approved by CU Boulder can do so at Departmental advisors and faculty may know of specialized programs in their own disciplines and can be an excellent resource.

Keep in mind that graduate students work under considerably different regulations than undergraduates, and these regulations change the conditions for overseas study. Financial considerations are also different, as are possibilities for fellowships or scholarships.  While many graduate students receive partial or full funding here at CU Boulder, this rarely applies to study abroad. 

If you are a graduate student going abroad independently and looking for assistance with your visa/immigration process, we have created a visa tips sheet  for you.  The visa process for graduate students can differ from that of undergraduate students, and we may or may not have additional knowledge/information about your specific destination.

Additional information about study abroad opportunities and other intern or work related opportunities can be found on the Office of International Education website:

Note: Graduate students do not need to complete Study Abroad 101 before meeting with a Study Abroad Advisor in our office.