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Faculty Toolbox for Global Seminars/Global Intensives

  • Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad from the Forum on Education Abroad 
    The Forum on Education Abroad is recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission as the Standards Development Organization (SDO) for the field of education abroad. These industry standards cover Mission & Goals, Student Learning and Development, Academic Framework, Student Selection, Preparation & Advising, Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Measures, Policies & Procedures, Organizational &Program Resources, Health, Security, & Risk Management, and Ethics.
  • Opening Doors: Alternative Pedagogies for Short-Term Programs Abroad 
    by Peter Hovde — NAFSA's Guide to Short-Term Programs Abroad, Sarah E. Spencer and Kathy Tuma, Editors. You can skip to page 7 of the PDF document which is a discussion of various pedagogical approaches to short-term education abroad courses.
  • Education Abroad Faculty Toolkit 
    This toolkit has been developed to be used primarily by faculty to aid in the development and implementation of embedded programs (i.e. international components to a course taught on campus) but it also includes helpful information for faculty developing a global seminar where the whole course is taught abroad.
  • Travel Safety Information 
    This page will help you learn more about travel and safety conditions abroad.