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Major/Minor Approvals list instructions

Education Abroad Major/Minor/Certificate Approvals

The link below will open the Education Abroad Major/Minor/Certificate Approvals list.  Some majors have more courses listed than others, but you can always submit additional courses for review. Your Academic Advisor will help you with that process during your appointment.  Do NOT save this list to your laptop/computer as it changes often - you should always click on the link below to ensure that you are accessing the most updated version.

Be sure to check the following for all courses:

  • Make sure the information on the approvals list matches current offerings and information posted on your education abroad program website - especially course number and title. If you are unsure if a course is a match, please email the course data to She will do a match-check for you.
  • Make sure the course you plan to take will be worth at least 2.7 CU credits. Otherwise, it may not be eligible to meet a requirement. You can find credit conversion information in the "Academics" section of your program web page.
Find your major using the tabs and arrows at the bottom of the spreadsheet.  For language courses, use the tab for the major that corresponds with the language (i.e. Spanish, French, etc.).

Click here to access the Major, Minor Approvals list.  

If you are looking for A&S Core, MAPS or General Elective information, please click here.